Wireline Equipment

  • Wireline units to support P&A Operations
  • Warrier Logging System
  • CCL
  • Cement Bond Log (CBL)
  • Perforating
  • Cut tubing/casing
  • Jet Cutters
  • Set Plugs/Retainers/Packers

Plug & Abandonment (P&A) Services

Providing certified, licensed P&A since 1989 in:






  • Exceptional safety record and experienced personnel
  • Superior services and pricing
  • We own essential cementing and wireline equipment
  • Specialize in turnkey projects

     (Services also available on an hourly basis)

Cementing Equipment

     Trailer-mounted and skid-mounted cement pumpers supported with        bulk cement equipment and fluid transporters

Casing Equipment

  • Eckel Hydra-Shift High Torque Casing Tongs with lift                  controls and Tri-Grip hydraulic backup                                           (The newest and safest casing tong on the market)
  • Casing Jacks, up to 1MM lbs capacity
  • Casing Handling Equipment